I'm just a normal guy who has an obsession with shoes, likes to dress well, and takes some photos sometimes. You might see some of those on here.
I'm also starting a goods brand with my brothers and sis-n-law, so keep an eye out for that.
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So I’ve posted some photos for sale on Society6. Eventually I’ll post some of my illustrations as well. Check it out?

Post first clipping.

#MFT new Anonymous Ism socks from @free_man_

In my back pocket. #EDC

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Are the Bass Harrison 9.5 still available.
onesandtwos onesandtwos Said:

Yup. Still got ‘em.

Saturday snugs.


And of course I’ve still got these.


Still tryin to slang these.


Still. Got. Them.

Haven’t been worn in… a very long time.


Reblogging because I still got’em and I need money for new wedding shoes. My wedding.  Plz help.

(Also Price drop to $150 + $20 shipping)


Red Wing Style No. 9011 in Cherry.

Size: 9D
Wear: Minimal (bought them like new, worn a handful of times)

Price: $175 +$20 for shipping within NA

Message me for more info, or email me at gagnonjes (at) gmail